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Product Concept

Step 1. This is the initial phase in the custom formulation development process. This is where you have fun with creating the product brief. In your product brief, you want to be very detailed on your goals and visions for your products. This is where you get really creative with your outside-the-box thinking.

Research & Development

Step 2. Our lab is dedicated to keeping an innovative approach to your dream line based off market research. Our team focuses on the latest market trends to develop products that will improve cosmetic formulas by sourcing for the highest quality ingredients and testing all in house.

Product Testing

Step 3. We offer a variety of different testing options. It is very important not to rush the testing process as this is a very intricate process. Testing can determine if your product is a substantial product to introduce to the market. You don't want to skip this step!

Prototype Delivery

Step 4. This is probably the most awaited part throughout the process. Once you finally receive delivery of your prototypes, you'll be able to know if there needs to be any adjustments made, or if you're ready to get the products on the market. The prototypes will give you a good feel for how your products perform, how they feel, and how they work amongst your target market.

About Our Company

BC Labs was established to help empower cosmetic enthusiasts to start their own companies. The company started with a simple wish, to help others succeed in the cosmetic industry. 

BC Labs has helped build over 1,000 cosmetic companies since 2019. We strive to increase that number by continuously sharing our knowledge to anyone struggling in areas of building a cosmetic line.

We truly love what we do here at BC Labs and we can't wait to help expand more businesses and see everyone grow. Always believe in yourself, your abilities, and your faith. Never give up and never stop trying. What you are destined for is GREATNESS.

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