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Check out the variety of services that we offer below to fit your business needs. New services being added very soon!

  • Custom Formulation

    This is our highly requested service. We take brands from just an idea to a full vision! We help you construct your very own cosmetic line and develop sustainable formulas that both you and your consumers will love. Our custom formulation service starts with a quick product brief and we can move to the next stages in the process.

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  • Formulation Revision

    This is the perfect service if you already have your own formulas developed but they just aren't performing as you wished. We can take the current formula that you have and revamp it into an all new powerful market ready formula for you to produce into what your dream has always been for the product.

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  • Product Testing

    No matter if you have your formula developed by us or not, we would love to perform testing on the developed product. We offer preservative challenge testing, stability and compatibility testing, patch testing, pH testing, and microbiological testing.

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